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Affordable, Local, Organic Food.

For the people in Maastricht

Why Zero Waste

Who are we?

We are the Foodcoop Maastricht making organic and local food available for everyone. As a not-for-profit cooperative, we connect the Maastricht community to local farmers and producers. Our motto for our mission is “Food for people, not for profit!” because we see ourselves as part of an alternative, sustainable, and just food system.

The Foodcoop Maastricht depends on the voluntary efforts of students which makes it possible to make the produce accessible for a not-for-profit price to the Maastricht community.


It Works

To avoid food waste, we work order-based. This means that we ask you to order your veggies until Tuesday and pick them up on Wednesdays.

We Educate!

The Foodcoop Maastricht strives to educate about sustainable consumption, food cooperatives, and the effects of food production on climate change.

Join Us


Join The Movement @Foodcoopmaas

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