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Detailed Overview

What do you have to do?


IBAN: DE44 1001 1001 2627 3694 43 

Subject line: Veggielovership

  • When your money arrives at our bank account, we will send you a confirmation mail and you can log-in to your account. Now, you are officially a veggielover. Congrats!

  • We encourage you to help out at one of the sales, but you are not required to.

Veggie lover diagram.png

What do you get?

  • You are essentially a part-owner of the Foodcoop Maastricht and you can play an active role in shaping it.

  • Instead of paying a 10% margin for our veggies, you only pay the farmer price plus 3%.

  • You can volunteer at our sales.

  • You can come to our semesterly meetings and have a say in various decisions.

  • You can vote for which issue/organization we should raise money for.

  • You can go to meet our farmers at events.

  • Various things that we are working on (e.g. access to the library, have an overview over what you bought and the impact it had, etc.).

Any questions?

Don't hesitate to send us a message on Facebook, or send us an email.

Disclaimer: Since we are in a continuous process of trial and error, the price for a veggielovership, the percent margins, and other benefits might change each semester. Furthermore, the percent margins of 3% and 10% only apply to the producers we are currently working with. Since other producers might have different conditions and prices, the respective percent margins might be different for them. In general we are trying to be as transparent as possible about these things, and - once you become a veggielover - you will be able to give your input to all of this.

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