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Maastricht Goes To Calais

There are over 1,200 refugees including unaccompanied minors in Calais living in makeshift camps in precarious conditions. Especially considering the current pandemic situation and the coming winter months, they need warm food, sleeping bags and hygiene kits. Maastricht Goes To Calais is a  student led organisation that helps displaced people living in Calais by supporting Refugee Community Kitchen and Help Refugees. They organize fundraising events, donation drives and volunteer trips to Calais all whilst raising awareness.

Each period (ca. 2 months) we feature a different cause for which we want to raise awareness and donations. If you are a veggielover, you can vote on what we will donate to in the next period.

You are not a member but you want to bring a cause to our attention?  Feel free to let us know below! (You can obviously also fill it out, if you are a veggielover) 

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Past fundraising campaigns: 

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