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Our Mission & Values


Our Mission

We believe that each individual needs to have access to sustainable and healthy food options for a transparent and affordable price. Effectively, we enable everyone to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

We aim to build bridges between the people in Maastricht and local farmers and producers. As such, we invest in sustainable and eco-friendly farming and provide transparency about the origin of our food. 

Altogether, the Foodcoop Maastricht is part of an alternative, more sustainable, and just food system that educates about sustainable lifestyles in order to counteract the effects of climate change.


Our main motto for this mission is


"Food for people, not for profit!"


Local, Ethical & Minimal Packaging

We sell high-quality organic fruits, vegetables, and other produce from regional farmers and producers.

This enables you to support local businesses and small producers.

We try to offer our produce plastic-free. 

Our Values 

Equity, Transparency  & Solidarity

We are founded on the 7 principles of a Food Co-operative:

1. Open Membership 2. Democratic Control 3. Equal Participation 4. Independency 5. Education 6. Cooperation and 7. Community 

We Have One Planet.
Let's Love It!

We are a people- and planet-centered not-profit organization which believes that communal social responsibility and caring for others and our planet can combat the effects of climate change.

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