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Cabbage Plant

Why are we introducing a veggielovership? 

As our name suggests, we want to be a food cooperative, which entails a system of co-ownership. Since we see issues not only in the consumptive habits of people, but also in the food sector as such, we understand ourselves as part of an alternative, more sustainable, and just food system. One part of this system involves a different way in which businesses are structured. We do not want to be a profit-oriented and hierarchically structured business, but rather a horizontally structured initiative, that is not profit-, but value- and community-driven and actively engages everyone that has a stake in it. A food cooperative, as we envision it, would essentially be a shop that is owned by the people working in it, and the people buying from it. The veggielovership would include a small financial contribution, but also the part ownership of the coop, voting rights in any major decisions and a small discount on our veggies. Such a cooperative has not only proven to be more resilient, but also offers a viable alternative to the Aldis and Albert Heijns of our world, and at the same time strengthens the position of small-scale organic farmers. It also allows you to have a direct influence in what food ends up on your plate. 

Become a veggielover


What does it entail?

The veggielovership is not primarily about money, but more about becoming a part of and becoming comitted to the Foodcoop. You will be able to actively shape the Foodcoop as an organization, have a say in big and small decisions, attend our GAs, meet our farmers, and, if you want, you can help us out at the sales. However, money does play a role in it. For us, the semesterly contribution of 10 euros means that we can sustain ourselves. For you, it means that you will pay less at our sales. The way we come up with our prices at the sales is that we add a small percent margin to the price of the product that we pay to the farmer. As a veggielover, you would only pay a 3% margin, instead of paying the normal 10% margin.

As you can see, we really do not make a lot of profit from the veggies, and the little profit we do make (including the 10 euros per semester) we direclty invest in the Foodcoop again. 

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